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We are changing youth group up a bit! Our new time will be Sunday Nights 6-7:30pm. The study will be about half the time leaving the other half for group time that will include movies, games, service projects and a billion other great ideas the teens had last night!

Week of……7/23/14

Wednesday – Summer Family Life
Join us Wednesdays for volleyball at 4:30pm a brown bag dinner at 6pm and a family style devotion and prayer at 7pm.

Tween Thursday – 4th -6th graders (or youth Group teens that want to help)
Noon – 3pm $5 for pizza and swimming
Splash – Woman at the well John 4:7-10; 13-14
Bottom line: Like water satisfies the body, Jesus satisfies the soul.

unday-6-7:30pm Dumpster Diving
Stop Sign
Bible text: Acts 12:1-19
The point: When the road of your life stops at a dead end, wake up to God and let new life begin.

Upcoming Events
6/9-August – Mystery Mondays 1-3pm. I will give you clues as to what we are doing you show up and we go do! This is for all ages groups; the only age group allowed to show up without a parent is the youth group. Come join us for a fun mysterious time!

7/28 – Captains Baseball Game, 6pm! The game is free! I have 15 tickets left, let me know if your teen wants one!

8/5 – Making Project Hope Dinner

Have a great week!

Kathy Babcock

You can contact me at or on Facebook or by phone to the church at 440-255-9403.


Download the permission slip and information card for youth group events from these links.
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