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Week of……10/29/14

Wednesday – Jr. High, Confirmation and Sr. High Alive with Jesus

Saved by the Water; Genesis 6:1-9:17

Lesson Focus: As God saved Noah and his family through the flood, God saves us through the water of Baptism into Jesus Christ.

Sunday- I am a Church Member Ch4
I will pray for my church leaders. We will be talking about what that looks like and how we can do that in our Church, homes and school.

***The sticker chart for youth events to earn discounts on Tusc. Winter Weekend is up!***

Upcoming Events
11/9 – Bon Fire and Church Member discussion
11/19 & 23 – Thanksgiving Baskets
12/12 – Kid sitting and Cleanup crew

Enjoy the last few days before the cold weather moves in!

Praying for you and your teen(s).

Have a great week!

Kathy Babcock

You can contact me at or on Facebook or by phone to the church at 440-255-9403.


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