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Week of……10/21/14

Wednesday – Jr. High, Confirmation and Sr. High Alive with Jesus

I’m So Angry; Genesis 4:1-16

Lesson Focus: In this lesson, students will explore the things that make them angry. They will be led to see how forgiveness offered through Christ’s death and resurrection allows us to put aside anger.

Sunday- 5 pm Chili Cook-off
Please bring a “chili” item to Sunday school (beans, tomatoes, veggies, meat, and seasoning). We will be making a stone soup/chili entry for the chili cook-off. Don’t forget to come and eat chili and vote for your favorite chili so it can win!

***The sticker chart for youth events to earn discounts on Tusc. Winter Weekend is up!***

Upcoming Events
11/9 – Bon Fire and Church Member discussion
11/19 & 23 – Thanksgiving Baskets
12/12 – Kid sitting and Cleanup crew

Praying for Your family!

Have a great week!

Kathy Babcock

You can contact me at or on Facebook or by phone to the church at 440-255-9403.


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