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Pilgrim Lutheran Brethren
Pilgrim Lutheran Brethren Church is grounded in the Biblical and Reformation truths emphasized by Martin Luther, the great German reformer.

Pilgrim conducts its services in an informal style of worship, highlighted by congregational singing, prayer, praise, fellowship, and Bible-based sermons. Pilgrim is committed to missions, evangelism, community involvement, and development of lay people as participants in the spreading of the gospel and in the ministry of the church. Pilgrim emphasizes personal salvation through Jesus Christ, resulting in Godly living which is in harmony with Biblical teachings.

Pilgrim's theology and practice are traditional and orthodox in nature. We believe in the authority, accuracy and relevancy of the Bible. We teach salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. We affirm the ministry of the Holy Spirit as He convicts of sin, leads us to repentance and faith, fills us with God's spirit, and leads us to prayer and contemplation. We are pro-life and traditional marriage in practice. We strongly believe that our faith and belief transforms our way of life! (See the CLBA Statement of Faith below.)

Pilgrim has a vibrant, worshipful spirit! We believe that God is in our midst, saving, changing, and healing lives!

Pilgrim's congregation consists of a unique blend of seniors, singles, families, teens, and children. Our people are warm, caring, and understanding. We come from many different walks of life and out of many different, and at times, difficult situations. We realize that life is a challenge and frequently a struggle; therefore, we emphasize the life-changing power and presence of Jesus Christ.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet you, to introduce you to our people and to Jesus Christ and to welcome you into our fellowship.
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Pastor Bob extends a warm welcome to you to stop by for worship.
If you have questions for Pastor Bob, call 440-255-9403.
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Pastor Bob Heggestad
Julie Goodman, Director of Youth Ministries